Sonographers use high frequency sound waves to obtain images of organs and tissues in the body. No radiation is used during ultrasound examinations.

Sonographers at Terre Haute Regional Hospital Imaging Services use the most advanced ultrasound equipment, with color flow/spectral analysis Doppler and gray scale imaging with 3-dimensional capabilities. These comprehensive ultrasound services include obstetrical and gynecologic, abdominal echo, breast imaging, thyroid, gall bladder, renal, superficial lump testing and other organs/tissue of concern. Breast ultrasound is available in the same department as our mammography – there is no need to move from department to department.

Preparation for Your Examination

Your physician or Imaging Services will inform you of specific instructions for preparations of your ultrasound.

Ultrasound Examination Description

A majority of ultrasounds are painless. Patients might experience discomfort during the examination due to the pressure applied to the area of concern. A warm gel will be applied to the area being scanned. If you have any questions, please contact the Imaging Services Department at (812) 237-1625.