The Paul Siebenmorgen Cancer Center at Terre Haute Regional Hospital is the first facility in the Wabash Valley to utilize the two latest advanced technologies, IMRT and IGRT.

The Latest Radiation Therapy Technologies

IMRT, "Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy," delivers doses of radiation with different intensity levels within 2mm square segments. This conforms the radiation dose to the tumor while minimizing the dose to surrounding structures, thereby lessening possible side effects. Dynamic targeting IGRT, "Image Guided Radiation Therapy," provides precise delivery of radiation by daily verifying the exact tumor location, while allowing normal tissues to receive minimal radiation. The Cancer Center utilizes the Philips Pinnacle 3-D Computer Planning for its treatment planning system. Various radiation beam approaches are visualized so that the best plan, the one that targets the tumor with the most advantageous dose of radiation, may be selected, while sparing healthy tissue. This lengthy planning process is done after the patient leaves the clinic setting, thereby reducing the time a patient has to be in the radiation department.

Services offered include:

  • IMRT: Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy
  • IGRT: Image Guided Radiation Therapy
  • External 3D Conformal Radiation Therapy
  • Brachytherapy (also known as internal radiation or implant radiation) prostate seed implants
  • Thyroid ablation
  • Iodine 131
  • Gynecological Implants