Caring professionals.

When things are going well, you tend to take your mental health for granted. You may not even slow down to think about your emotional well-being.

But, inevitably challenges occur. Happiness and satisfaction can be short-lived. Maybe a relationship goes bad. Or a promotion doesn't come through. Physical problems develop. In today's fast-paced world, you don't have to wait long for something new to produce stress.

Suddenly, difficult times are right there in front of you. And you can't avoid life's problems. How you respond determines – or can be determined by – the state of your mental health.

Your mental health.

To some people, however, achieving mental health means managing or overcoming a serious illness. Their struggles with depression symptoms, anxiety, mood, psychosis or personality can be debilitating.

Their illness can cause or complicate a variety of issues, such as the inability to keep a job, disruption of families, loss of sleep and deteriorating physical health.

These illnesses can't be ignored; they must be faced and dealt with by trained, experienced, compassionate mental health professionals. That's who you'll find at the Mehta Behavioral Health Center at Regional Hospital.