Terre Haute, IN – As healthcare workers continue to show up for our patients and the communities we serve, Terre Haute Regional Hospital is launching a ‘Cards for Caregivers’ campaign to recognize the sacrifices our colleagues make every hour of every day to deliver high-quality care. To show healthcare heroes at Regional they have support from their community now and through Valentine’s Day, the ‘Cards for Caregivers’ campaign will provide the community an opportunity to send a physical or digital message of gratitude. 

What: ‘Cards for Caregivers’ Campaign

When: Now – Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Why: To show healthcare heroes they have support from their community through Valentine’s Day by sending a physical or digital message of gratitude.

How to Join the Campaign:

  • Help Spread The Message: Share information on how to send a physical or digital card to a caregiver with your family, friends, colleagues, and the local community inviting them to join you in recognizing healthcare heroes. We also encourage thanking caregivers at fellow hospitals and healthcare systems.
  • Promote Your Message of Gratitude: Social media helps bring our community together in many unique ways. You can post a message, photo of your card, or video on social media with a message of gratitude for healthcare heroes. We also encourage you to share the link to send a physical or digital card and tag Terre Haute Regional Hospital or site of care for local healthcare heroes and their families to see your post.
  • Mail a Physical Card to your Local Hospital or Site of Care: Mail a printable card or use your own personal card to send to Terre Haute regional Hospital. Your card will be hung on the hospital walls for healthcare heroes to view your message.
  • Send a Digital Card to Local Healthcare Heroes: Send a digital card to your local healthcare heroes at Regional Hospital. Your message will be added to the ‘Cards for Caregivers’ website page and will be shared across social media channels. Send a digital card.
  • Say ‘Thank You’ to a Healthcare Hero: If you know one personally, thank your healthcare hero. Whether you receive care at Terre Haute Regional Hospital or at a fellow hospital and healthcare system, we encourage you to participate.
  • Download a Printable Card: We invite you to share your gratitude and words of support for our colleagues by using the online form or downloading a printable card to mail to your local site of care. Download a printable card.