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Follow-Up Center

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Follow-Up Center

Terre Haute Regional Hospital is proud to have Kacey Poe for the Family Place, a follow-up center for babies and their families.

Kacey visits each new mom in the hospital following the birth of her baby, sometimes bringing literature, sometimes just to talk. She talks with them one-on-one about baby care in general as well as the decision of whether to bottle-feed or breastfeed.

Advantages of Breastfeeding for Babies

Mother's milk contains colostrums, a high calorie substance that provides the baby with immunities, helps their digestive system gives babies a lower incidence of bacterial diarrhea, ear infections, and upper respiratory infections.

Benefits of Breastfeeding for Mothers

Lowered risk of breast and ovarian cancer, reduced postpartum bleeding and faster loss of weight gained during pregnancy.

Kacey continues to be involved with the new family by serving as a liaison between the hospital discharge and the follow-up with the physician. Return visits with Kacey usually take place between 3-5 days after hospitalization at which time she checks the baby's weight, vital signs, and performs the second Newborn Infant Screen, if necessary. She usually develops a relationship with mothers before delivery by being their childbirth instructor. She is able to offer support before, during, and after birth. For some moms, whether this is their first baby or their third, having someone to talk to one-on-one can make a big difference. When the follow-up visits stop, the connection to Kacey remains through a 24-hour Warm Line, designed for mothers and fathers who have non-urgent baby care questions. By calling the specially designated Warm Line at 812- 237-9497, families can leave their questions and Kacey will return the call. The Warm Line is open to all families with babies.