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Cancer Patient Resources

The American Cancer Society | The National Cancer Institute

Radiation Therapy

photo of person receiving radiation therapy with link to information about radiation therapy

Demonstrating IMRT, the newest radiation technology, you can see how radiation methods have improved! Watch as strategically placed beams are applied to cancerous tumors.

Cancer InDepth

photo of doctor with link to information about cancer

Treatment information on 21 types of cancer; explaining side effects of cancer treatment, such as anemia, nausea, neutropenia along with tips for managing them. Read the inspiring stories written by cancer survivors.

Informational Guide to Breast Cancer

photo of breast cancer ribbon with link to information about breast cancer

If you, a friend, or a family member has been recently diagnosed with breast cancer, read through this Guide, which includes questions to ask your doctor, tips on informing your family and how to support your loved ones.

A Guide to Lymphedema

photo of lymphedema ribbon with link to information about lymphedema

If you have had gynecological, melanoma, prostate or kidney cancer in combination with inguinal node dissection and often radiation therapy, you are at risk. With proper education and care, lymphedema can be avoided.

Exercise Guide for Cancer Patients

photo of mature adult females with link to information about exercising for cacner patients

Carefully monitored exercise may be beneficial to cancer patients by reducing fatigue and improving quality of life. Utilize the helpful tips, articles and progress charts.