Comprehensive prostate cancer services in Terre Haute, Indiana

Terre Haute Regional Hospital's urologic oncologists and medical oncology staff provide expert prostate cancer care, from the diagnosis to the treatments. Our multidisciplinary team collaborates to create a personalized treatment plan that incorporates education and your health needs in The Paul Siebenmorgen Cancer Center.

For more information about The Paul Siebenmorgen Cancer Center, please call (812) 237-9326.

Prostate cancer screening

Prostate cancer forms when cancer cells develop in a man's prostate—the gland within the urinary system that produces semen. According to the American Cancer Society, one in nine men in the U.S. will develop prostate cancer

We provide prostate cancer screenings to target the disease in its early stages so treatment can begin as soon as possible. An annual digital rectal exam (DRE) or a prostate-specific androgen (PSA) blood test will be conducted to detect the disease early since it is a slow-growing cancer.

Prostate cancer risk factors

Discussing the risk factors of prostate cancer with your doctor is encouraged before getting a prostate cancer screening. Men should consider getting a prostate cancer screening if:

  • You are 50 years old at normal risk and expect to live 10 years or longer
  • You are 45 years old at high risk (meaning, an immediate male family member developed the disease)
  • You are 40 years old at a higher risk (meaning, more than one immediate male family member developed the disease)

Prostate cancer symptoms

Prostate cancer in its early stages does not produce any symptoms, which is why annual prostate screenings are recommended. When prostate cancer is caught early, it is more easily treated.

Men who have prostate cancer in it's later, more advanced stages may experience symptoms, such as:

  • Frequent, discomforting urination especially at night
  • A weak or interrupted urine flow
  • Blood present in semen and/or urine
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Discomfort while sitting