Imaging Services of Terre Haute Regional Hospital provides diagnostic imaging examinations for outpatients, inpatients and Emergency Room patients. We are located inside the hospital at the northwest entrance. The Imaging Services staff is experienced and knowledgeable, ensuring quality diagnostic images.

Who are We?

Our technologists are skilled in anatomy, patient positioning, examination techniques, radiation safety and basic patient care. Registered Radiologic Technologists, RT(R), must complete a minimum two-year formal education and must pass a national certification examination. To maintain their registration, they must earn continuing education credits every biennium. Many of our technologists have furthered their career by obtaining certifications within the radiological field.

The diagnostic images are interpreted by a Radiologist. A radiologist is a physician who earns a four-year doctoral degree to become an MD or DO. Then they complete a four-year residency in Diagnostic Radiology. A majority of radiologists become certified by the American Board of Radiology and become specialized within the field of Radiology.

Regional Hospital's Imaging Services provides a registered nurse during all invasive procedures performed within our department. During the procedure our nurse will monitor your vitals, assist the radiologist and administer medication when needed.

Terre Haute Regional Hospital has a Radiation Safety Committee (RSC), which meets on a routine basis to review the safe usage of radioactive materials and radiation generating equipment. The RSC ensures that all employees working in the vicinity of radioactive materials have sufficient training and experience to perform their duties in accordance with the regulatory requirements. The committee also reviews the process for radiation safety of all employees, patients and visitors.

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