Artemis Electronic Medication System

A new level of safety for your children.

When children have serious emergencies, medical staff must act quickly, always keeping safety at the forefront. That’s why Terre Haute Regional Hospital has implemented the Artemis system, a new electronic medication system, which adds a new level of safety when it comes to giving kids the right amount of medicine in an emergency situation.

The Artemis system is carefully designed to speed up calculations and reduce mistakes. Dr. James Broselow, the inventor of ‘The Broselow Tape’ and Dr. Robert Luten, Professor of Pediatrics and Emergency Medicine, University of Florida, Jacksonville, combined the Broselow system with Luten content to quickly deliver precise accurate information. In the early 1980’s Dr. Broselow, an emergency room doctor, created ‘The Broselow Tape.’ This simple but effective color-coded tool determines body weight from body length and provides proper dosing for children. The Broselow tape is used in practically every pediatric hospital in the country. The Artemis system takes this proven system to the next level by creating the electronic version. This new technology takes the potential for medication dosing errors out of human hands. While the Broselow Tape system works, Regional wanted to do whatever possible to make medication dosage even safer.

Artemis simplifies acute drug administration for children by allowing rapid, accurate intervention across a broad spectrum of pediatric emergencies. The information is presented in a simple color-coded table format for quick identification and accuracy. The system answers the questions of all members of the healthcare team at the bedside and the pharmacy, in a format that they can all access immediately.